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BizBuddyz is India’s first business networking app! It works as a referral platform for business owners and entrepreneurs. Based on word-of-mouth, it creates a network, expands your business circle and promotes your entrepreneurial skills. So let us come together to grow together! Cheers!

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How It Works:

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Advantages: Why Use a Referral Business Network?


Increased Opportunities

Referrals from existing networks boost your business in efficient and cost-effective ways. Through networking, you obtain valuable referrals, allowing an easy follow-up on leads and connections, eventually converting them into clients!


Establishing Connections

Having a source of relevant connections within your network is the cornerstone of success. Through referral business networking, you gain access to a gateway to that source, since it gives you opportunities for interactions with qualified professionals in the field!


Build a Profile

Getting noticed faster in the industry is a huge benefit of referral business networking. BizBuddyz helps you build and update a profile that attracts entrepreneurs. Our features allow them to easily contact you with all their potential referrals. This way, you create a reputation of reliability, trustworthiness, and being a supportive member of your network!


Next-Door Entrepreneurs

Connecting with nearby or next-door entrepreneurs is the goal for several business owners. But, unfortunately, there is rarely enough time for personal interaction. BizBuddyz has a solution for you! Our “nearby” feature improves networking by connecting you with next-door business owners, or the ones who are present in a few meters of your location. This way you can expand your professional friend circle. Set your range in kilometres and, with a single tap, get your desired business owner on the list!

Why Us?


Our vision is becoming the best business referral organisation, with maximum effectiveness and easy accessibility, in the world!


bizBuddyz's mission is helping entrepreneurs use the well-thought-out and encouraging word-of-mouth method to increase their business, while simultaneously establishing long-term relationships with fellow business professionals.


We operate with the philosophy, “Let’s come together to grow together.”

The bizbuddyz Benefits

Statistics: A Quick Peek at Data

Choose the Right Network for Business!

Connecting with the right network in a business referral program should become your focus. Once you succeed, you will begin seeing new business opportunities from business friends within your referral network! However, note that a successful business relationship and connection also requires and depends on your complete dedication, interest, and commitment.

Build Trusting Business Relationships!

Joining local groups and attending business events to develop new business contacts are common practices in entrepreneurial circles. Besides, they also approach existing business contacts, asking for recommendations and referrals. Both strategies are forms of referral networking. The latter, however, is much more beneficial with appropriate use.

Contact Us: Let’s Come Together to Grow Together!

Contact Information

  • Countrywide Network Pvt. Ltd.
    Corporate Office: 204, Chiranjiv Tower, 43, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 (India)
  • +91-8010099999
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